Chamber Music

Suite:At Waters' Edge for solo piano, 2000
commissioned by 22 century club
Suite for Solo Violin
commissioned by 22 century club
An Uguisu’s Flight across a Vale for alto saxophone solo, 2016
Juei  (shadow of trees) for solo violin, 2016

commissioned by Tatsuo Fujiie


NAMU  for timpani, Japanese drum and children choir, 2012

commissioned by Chieko Umezu

Orchestral Work

Beber for orchestra, 1995
commissioned by Hiroyuki Iwaki

At the Tomb of Fra Angelico for organ and orchestra, 2006


commissioned by International Organ Competition Musashino-Tokyo 


Niña de cera (two acts, in Spanish) 

for mezzo soprano, 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos, guitar, piano, 1995

commissioned by 22 century club



A Vermilion Calm (two acts, in English)

for countertenor, alto, male choir, guitar, cello, shakuhachi, piano, 2018



At Jacob's Well (two acts, in English)

for soprano, tenor, baritone, mixed choir accompanied by string quartet, double bass, guitar, percussion 2018