NAGASAKI - Wilderness Mute

Music of Remembrance (MOR, based in Seattle) commissioned by two Japanese composers, Keiko Fujiie and Ryuchi Sakamoto, music compositions related to A-bombing. It was a remarkable action in the history of the U.S. because for a long time most of people there had been proud of A-bombing, believing that it was necessary to make Japan to surrender finally to finish the war. However, as time goes by, it has come to light many facts.At the moment people there are seriously afraid of the highly volatile situation ... a realistic horror of nuclear war, being involved in the situation of North Korea and the States.  On the 1st January 2018, the pope printed this picture of a boy at Nagasaki several days after bombing on the card to give people, as 'a result of the nuclear war'. The pope is strongly against nuclear weapons, as you know. The boy is waiting his turn to cremate his dead brother on his back. It hits us to see how tight he bites his own lip and it bleeds. Is it his anger or desperate which keeps his straight posture? What is he looking at with his very young eyes?  In May 2017, Oracles produced Quasimodo, a collaboration work of music and dance based on the story Norte Dame de Paris by Hugo, we put other images on it... Quasi-human, according to the story in Nagasaki when the A-bomb was dropped on the Urakami cathedral (the ground zero was 80m from the cathedral and more than 8,000 Catholic people died at that moment), and also Anti-human, considering our modern lives in the highly capitalistic society.Oracles create a new work based on Keiko Fujiie's music composition Wilderness Mute, adding vivid images of dance and also photo/video projections. Keiko Fujiie is one of the most frequently performed composers in Japan and she had lived with her family in Nagasaki for 19 years surrounded by A-bomb survivors. She completed a song cycle titled Wilderness Mute with her deep respect and love for the survivors. She has been so much impressed by the survivors because they overcame their hate in certain moment in their life and they have dedicated the rest of life to let people understand the horror of radioactivities. Their only hope is that nobody would suffer from it, they want to be the last victims of it. Sadly, they are dying one by one and soon all of them will disappear from the planet. However despite of their desperate efforts, most of people still don't understand the horror of nuclear power, even in Japan. On 5th November, MOR premiered Wilderness Mute and it got wonderful feedback from the audience. I was told by an audience that a fourteen-year girl couldn't stand up for a while because of the shock after listening to Wilderness Mute.She also had pre-concert interview on the stage for 45 minutes. Most of people had accepted her message and she saw that people were seriously afraid of the current situation of North Korea and the States.