Keiko Fujiie Composer/Pianist

''an evocative, unnerving, riveting work, which we should hear again''

(The SunBreak)

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Opera "LÀ-BAS OU ICI ..." is going to be presented at Goethe Institut Ouagadougou!!

French TV Canal+ made and broadcasted a reportage about Keiko Fujiie's Opera Project in Burkina Faso.

BBC Photo Story introducing her project in West Africa

The interdisciplinary project opera "LÀ-BAS OU ICI ...", a work in progress, is an opera in French and several other local languages produced by composer Keiko Fujiie in Burkina Faso, West Africa. 

Launched in 2019, the project seeks to combine diverse cultures, languages and art forms to create a comprehensive and open work of art...

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Online Concert Streaming

NAGASAKI-Wildernes Mute





                                   Date: Saturday, 13th March 2021 13:00 (Berlin) / 21:00 (Tokyo)



A collaborative multidisciplinary work involving music, videography, photography, poetry, and Butoh dance.

Inspired by the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki, this work also addresses the history of Catholicism in Japan and different aspects of the Manhattan project and its aftermath.


Music/Producing: Keiko Fujiie

Piano: Alexander Reitenbach

Violin: Mayu Tomotaki, Yuriko Takemoto

Vocal/Guitar: Kanahi Yamashita

Film: Toni Casassas, Karina Faulstich

Slideshow: Justin Brown

Video message: Keiko Fujiie, Orland Verdú, Karina Faulstich

Streaming/Tonmeister: Shintaro Sugiura, Christoph Binner

The first composition, Wilderness Mute, was commissioned and premiered by Music of Remembrance

The Concert Streaming is Supported by Nomura Foundation

The new film taken by Karina Faulstich in New Mexico, U.S.A. was supported by Fulcrum Fund


for more information, please go to "PROJECT" page!

TV interview in St. Louis, U.S.A. in October, 2018